5 Tips to Unlock Growth by Improving the Sales Process

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Sales Teamwork

Improving the sales process puts you in a prime position to accelerate sales and company growth. With more focus on selling, your company can use data to improve the performance of every salesperson in your firm. With the foundation for a strong sales team and a steady supply of qualified leads in their pipeline, you will have more control over scaling sales and in many cases can aggressively increase quotas as the sales team progresses.

Implementing these tips will make your sales team stronger and more aligned with your company’s growth goals. It also opens opportunity for you to improve the sales process, making it easier to scale sales and improve your company’s cost structure. The improvements necessary for scaling growth include a flexible sales solution, a data-driven approach, experimentation, and automating the process to streamline workflow.

1. Flexible Sales Process

The biggest mistake large companies make is getting stuck into a “one size fits all” solution, assuming that one sales process can handle all of the challenges that comes with growing revenue. Overlooking pitfalls and weaknesses in the sales process for the sake of maintaining traditional operations can dampen performance, limit your team, and make scaling much harder. Focus on building a flexible and iterative solution to sales, working with salespeople to create a more efficient process that conquers the obstacles your team faces.

2. Data-Driven Sales Process

Being data-driven is the best way to break this cycle of complacency in your sales process. Establishing and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) will give you insight into what parts of your sales process, strategy and workflow needs to be improved and where salespeople are struggling. Combining this information with qualitative insights can help your company discover why performance might be suffering, and lead you in the right direction for achieving a high performance sales team.

3. Conduct Sales Experiments

Optimization requires constantly structuring experiments in your sales process that provides measurable and actionable data. This data-driven process helps create a high-quality sales team, and also reveals improvements that can be made across the sales process. Taking a systematic, data-driven approach to experimentation gives you more control over the variables that matter, which results in more profit, revenue and a more efficient sales process.

4. Automation in Sales Process

Automation is one of the keys to quickly improving and scaling your sales. Tools, software and solutions that ensure your sales team has a constantly supply of qualified leads and an efficient process leaves them more time to focus on selling. It also gives you access to valuable data and insight into how to streamline operations and help salespeople consistently achieve their sales quota.

5. Streamline Sales Workflows

The profession of sales has changed with technology. The capabilities of your team lie in how many qualified sales leads you can bring to each salesperson, and how you can improve their ability to close them. Having additional teams such as sales development representatives that provide a steady supply of qualified leads unlocks scalability and efficiency in the sales process.

Invest time in optimizing your company’s sales team and you will find a significant improvement in sales performance and revenue growth.

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