Collecting Sales Intelligence at Scale, Made Easy

Automate the collection of valuable sales intelligence with no programing or configuration of web scrapers required.

Web Scraping

Scrape websites to collect up-to-date sales intelligence on companies and people.

No Coding Required

SalesEngine is easy and doesn't require writing any code, maintaining web scrapers or building data collection tools.

No Setup or Training

Don't waste time training web scrapers on individual websites. Automatically identifies the valuable sales intelligence on a website.

Powered by AI

Intelligent web scrapers use machine learning and natural language processing algorithms designed to grab a variety of marketing and sales intelligence.

Scrape Millions of Sites

Designed for web scraping at any scale.  From hundreds of thousands to millions of companies per day, SalesEngine can handle it.

web scraping
company enrichment

Company Enrichment

Gather detailed intelligence on companies to make it easy to hone in on very specific target segments.

Company Name & Website

Find a company's name from just a website url or lookup a company's websites using a company name.

Technology Stack

Identify 1,000+ web technologies that include programing languages, software products, plugin, modules, etc...

Contact Information

Collect contact info on companies that include email addresses, phone numbers, and address.

Social Media Accounts

Get company social media accounts across leading sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc..

People & Contact Data

Find decision makers at companies and get contact information to get in touch with them.

Find People & Titles

Automatically extract the names and titles of leadership and employees at companies.

Email Addresses

Find email addresses for people and have them matched to the corresponding person at the company. 

LinkedIn Profiles

Get links to people's LinkedIn profiles to make it easy to connect with them or reach out with an InMail message. 

Export Lists of People

Easily export lead lists of decision makers and people at a group of companies complete with contact information and sales intel.

people contact data
technology stack

Technology Stack

Build a detailed profile of 1,000+ web technologies and software products used by companies.

Programming Languages

See the web programming languages that companies use on their websites.

Software Products

Identify more than one thousand software products that companies commonly use on their websites.

Mail Server Info

Find a companies mail server details to identify if they are using services like Gmail or Outlook.

Marketing & Sales Tech

Discover what type of marketing and sales technology companies use to hone in on valuable opportunities for sales teams.

Custom Data Points

Get hard to find or very specific data points across millions of companies.

Keyword Phrases

Identify companies with one or more keywords to collect valuable intel that can be used in marketing and sales campaigns. 

Specific Technologies

Identify specific technologies that are not already included by default in SalesEngine's technology stack capabilities.

Complex Footprints

Build complex footprints that combine multiple signals that can include both keywords and technologies.

Multiple Data Points

Search for a combination of keywords, technologies and footprints at any time, without any restrictions.

custom data points
data mobility

Data Mobility

Gather detailed data on companies to make it easy to hone in on very specific target segments.

Open-Data Policy

Resell and use data collected with SalesEngine without any restrictions and no additional fees.

Company Export

Easily export all the data collected on companies including name, website, tech stack, emails, phone numbers, etc...

API Access

Connect to SalesEngine directly to integrate data collected in real-time into your software product.

People Export

Create people exports that contain all the names, titles, email addresses and phone numbers of people at companies.

Customer Support

Dedicated to helping our customers get the data they need without any headaches.

Account Manager

Every SalesEngine customer receives a dedicated Account Manager to help ensure you get the data you need.

Expert Advise

Tap into our years of experience and expertise from helping countless companies build and maintain mission critical business data.

Managed Service

Have a SalesEngine expert manage data collection for your organization as a virtual extension of your team.

Top-Notch Support

SalesEngine prides itself on providing great support for customers and strives to make collecting business data easy and hassle free.

customer support

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