Real-time company & people data powered by AI

Company Enrichment

Enrich companies with valuable real-time data that includes firmographics, technographics, and social media data.

Company Name & Website

Find a company's name from just a website url or lookup a company's websites using a company name.

Technology Stack

Identify 1,000+ web technologies that include programing languages, software products, plugin, modules, etc...

Contact Information

Collect contact info on companies that include email addresses, phone numbers, and address.

Social Media Accounts

Get company social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc..

Decision Makers

Data on decision makers and the current leadership for companies, complete with contact and social media profile.

Find People & Titles

Automatically extract the names and titles of leadership and employees at companies.

Email Addresses

Find email addresses for people and have them matched to the corresponding person at the company.

LinkedIn Profiles

Get links to people's LinkedIn profiles to make it easy to connect with them or reach out with an InMail message.

Export Lists of People

Easily export lead lists of decision makers and people at a group of companies complete with contact information and sales intel.

Smart Validation

Automated smart validation using artificial intelligence and proprietary algorithms to ensure the most accurate data possible.

Automated Validation

Company and people data goes through an automated, intelligent validation process.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and natural language processing used to valid company and people data.

Remove Bad Data

Clean up your company and people data and remove bad data and formatting errors.

Proprietary Algorithms

Proprietary algorithms to ensure accurate and correctly formatted data.

Discover Signals

Discover valuable signals and actionable insights to help you find the best companies to target with peronsalized campaigns at scale.

Keyword Phrases

Identify companies with one or more keywords to collect valuable intel that can be used in marketing and sales campaigns.

Specific Technologies

Search for a combination of keywords, technologies and footprints at any time, without any restrictions.

Complex Footprints

Build complex footprints that combine multiple signals that can include both keywords and technologies.

Multiple Data Points

Identify specific technologies that are not already included by default in SalesEngine's technology stack capabilities.

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