Discover Signals

Monitor companies for keyword or custom footprints to identify the ones matching your target signals.

Data Accuracy


Discover signals that can be used to personalize outbound lead generation campaigns.

Identify Key Account

Improve Targeting

Hone in on targeted segments of qualified companies based on a variety of signals discovered in real-time.

Discover New Accounts

New Data Points

Enrich company and people with additional data points to create a custom tailored data profile.

Identify Key Account

Keyword Search

Look for a collection of keywords and phrases to discover valuable information about companies .

Data Collection

Custom Footprints

Search for custom footprints to find exactly the technologies or signals you're looking for.

Managed Campaigns

Multiple Signals

Collect multiple signals in a single request for millions of companies.

See what can do for your data

" brings more than 90% of our sales."

Tiago Martin

Tiago Martin

CEO, Fusecoders

" has been a valuable tool for our company."

Joe Stevens

Joe Stevens

Co-founder, Tripgrid