Selecting A Lead Generation Company

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Finding Lead Generation ServicesChoosing to use a lead generation service opens up opportunities for efficient scaling, speed, and predictability. To ensure you pick the right lead generation partner you will want to consider their experience, strategy, scalability, and pricing.

Lead Generation Experience

Working with a lead generation service that has experience in your market is helpful but shouldn’t be a requirement. However, it is critical that you make sure they have the experience of generating leads across new markets with a clearly defined process and workflow to ensure they can quickly develop and scale lead generation companies for your sales team.

Another critical component to review before selecting a lead generation partner is their track record. Ask for case studies, testimonials and references to their clients. This ensures you don’t get “sold” on a lead generation services that won’t be able to deliver.

Lead Generation Strategy

Take the time to understand the strategies that lead generation services use before getting started. Make sure they understand the legal landscape of B2B lead generation, are CAN-SPAM compliant and don’t use shady tactics like fake LinkedIn accounts to generate leads, etc…

Learn if their lead generation service has a well-defined process, workflow, good communication and takes a data-driven approach. This helps to ensure they use strategies that produce a reliable number of qualified sales leads at scale. If they are hesitant to explain or share how they will generate leads or don’t want to involve you in the messaging they develop this is usually a sign to run not walk away.

Scaling Lead Generation

Not all lead generation services can scale to meet the current and future needs of your sales team. Make sure you understand how they can scale their lead generation services as you grow. Get a clear picture of how long it will take them to scale lead generation, risks and advantages they provide over other lead generation services.

Lead Generation Budget

Pricing varies across lead generation services. It is easy to get distracted with lower priced services but quality and consistency is key to making sure your sales team successfully exceeds quota. Make sure you can afford the lead generation service you are looking at but remember that the right lead generation service can provide long-term sales growth that goes beyond saving a couple thousand per month.

Hiring Lead Generation Companies

Once you have clearly defined your needs and goals, both short and long term, it is time to go through the process of finding the right lead generation service.

Discovery Call

In the initial call with a potential lead generation service, lay out your needs and discover how they generate leads for their clients. Ask about their experience, process, strategy, timeline and costs.


Request that they provide a proposal based on the needs you have communicated on the discovery call. This should include an overview of the strategy, timeline, team members and pricing for their lead generation services.


Ask the lead generation service to provide you with case studies, testimonials and references to clients. Take the time to review these materials and reach out to references. A little effort on your part can save you from wasting months of time and money with lead generation services that sound good but fail to deliver.


The right lead generation service should support the current and future growth of your company. Have them clearly lay out the price structure and how it scales based on your anticipated lead generation needs in the future.


Finding the right lead generation service is a huge asset for your company, because it consistently provides your sales team with enough qualified sales leads to crush sales quotas. It will help you move faster, scale sales and avoid common bottlenecks that stifle growth. If you are looking to grow your sales, make your sales team more efficient and crush quota then lead generation services are worth exploring.

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