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Let’s be honest: most salespeople don’t use their CRM properly. They ignore it. They neglect it. Most salespeople only turn to their CRM in the last hours of attempting to squeeze out quota or when their sales manager harps on them to get things updated.

If you’re in sales, your CRM should be your best friend, your guiding light that is omnipresent and always looking over your shoulder. The proper use of a CRM can guide you through the darkness and into the land of quota attainment.

We all know that most CRMs kinda suck. They are rarely, intuitive, efficient, or easy to use. However, despite these challenges, the benefits of worshipping a CRM as a salesperson are endless.

Here is the big truth: building pipeline is critical to consistently meeting sales targets and hitting quota.

Using a CRM makes it easier to manage, track and prioritize your daily sales efforts. It makes sure you never forget critical information about a deal or prospect because it is documented in the notes and tasks on your CRM. This can mean the difference between losing a deal and rolling in commissions. Instead of the stress of remembering details, follow up tasks and activities, simply trust in your CRM.

As a salesperson, it is easy to lose focus, feel burned out and forget opportunities. With a million different things floating around in your brain and a ton of different activities, your CRM can be a valuable asset.

If you’re a diligent CRM practitioner who regularly schedules tasks and commits to this routine, you will be rewarded with minimal dropped deals, fewer missed opportunities and more confidence about the follow ups you should be doing. Your CRM will organize and proclaim what to focus on each day and help you navigate towards the shining light of quota-busting sales.

When starting out, don’t hold yourself to an unrealistic standard. Start simple, try to be consistent and integrate your CRM into your daily workflow. After a few weeks, you’ll be surprised just how helpful your CRM can be in helping you stay focused, store critical deal information and consistently keep track of opportunities and activities that might have otherwise slipped your mind.

When you are a mindful CRM practitioner, you’ll see the light of quota attainment and join the ranks of devout followers of salespeople who worship their CRM.

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