4 Tips to Improve B2B Lead Generation Campaigns

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Improving Lead Generation

How you improve lead generation campaigns can be the cause of setbacks, failures and poor scalability. The mindset of your team directly impacts the speed and progress you make when improving your B2B lead generation campaigns.

1. Prioritization

Prioritizing your sales development and lead generation improvements can be a challenge. With several issues across different channels popping up, it is important to remember to take it one at a time.

A lack of synergy and an consistent process of improving lead generation can leave nothing done, with a lot falling through the cracks. Focus on the most pressing issues with your entire team, have a repeatable workflow/process and focus on the opportunities that have a good performance improvement to effort ratio.

2. Over-engineering

Over-engineering is a big issue in companies that use internal software and tools. Make sure to keep it simple and focus on creating a repeatable, scalable process focused on incremental improvements. Make sure not to waste weeks trying to get everything just right. Avoid the temptation to over-optimize the process beyond what is valuable for your team.

For example with email campaigns, being fixated on improving reply rates with a low open rate will produce poor results. Focusing on increasing the open rate will take less effort and time while providing a bigger overall improvement than just focusing on reply rates.

3. Stay Focused

To prevent over-engineering, focus on improving key elements that will bring the most value to your lead generation. Let the data from your lead generation guide your strategy and efforts, rather than making improvements without first understanding the effort required and approximating the value they provide.

Another common pitfall involved in improving lead generation campaigns comes from turnaround time. Just like books, pitches, or products, improvements can take too much time to be worth the effort.

4. Progress Not Perfection

This leads to slower campaign growth, scalability issues, and neglect of other areas where efforts can deliver big performance improvements. The solution is putting progress above perfection. Improve the end-to-end process by identifying bottlenecks in your process and resolving them while maintaining the integrity of your lead generation and sales pipeline. Spend less time making one component turnkey and more time making the entire system scalable and effective.

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