10 Tactics to Increase SDR Efficiency

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SDR Taking Notes

The efficiency of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) can determine the success of your company’s lead generation efforts, the health of your sales pipeline, and your salespeople’s ability to hit quota. These 10 tips provide great ways to improve SDR efficiency.

Tip 1 – Keep SDRs Collaborating With AEs

It’s important to keep Account Executives (AEs) and SDRs working together and collaborating. This helps keep them aligned on moving deals forward. It also improves overall strategy and execution.

Action Tip: Host regular 1-on-1 meetings and team standups with AEs and SDRs to provide enough time for them to sync and collaborate on strategy and provide feedback for improvement.

Tip 2 – Time Management

Efficient SDRs know how to manage their time wisely. Instilling great time management skills into your SDR team helps keep them organized and productive. With a more organized time schedule, your team will be able to accomplish more in a more intelligent way.

Action Tip: Provide SDRs with a suggested workflow that helps prioritise activities and keep them on track.

Tip 3 – Hold SDRs Accountable to Productivity

SDRs should be held accountable for how productively they use their time. Be careful not to mistake action for traction. Staying on top of productivity can help SDRs improve their performance and stay on track to meet both personal and company objectives.

Action Tip: Host pipeline reviews with your team on a regular basis to talk about sales development goals and help make sure they are on track to succeed.

Tip 4 – Use the Prospect-to-Meeting Ratio

How successful are your SDRs in generating qualified appointments in an efficient, intelligent way? The prospect-to-meeting ratio measures the percentage of qualified meetings SDRs are able to generate with the accounts they’re targeting. Generating more qualified meetings with fewer accounts creates a more efficient, predictable, and cost-effective sales development process.

Action Tip: Have SDRs focus on qualified accounts and use the prospect-to-meeting ratio to ensure their efforts are relevant and valuable for the company.

Tip 5 – Targeting the Right Accounts

Targeting the right accounts can make it easier for SDRs to focus their time on moving valuable deals forward while decreasing the time they have to spend on unqualified accounts. Better targeting can also increase the quality of conversations your SDRs have and enable them to generate more qualified leads.

SDRs should target accounts that can help your company reach its long-term growth goals.The right accounts will deliver higher retention and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Action Tip: Clearly define an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to help SDRs understand what is a worthwhile deal.

Tip 6 – Maximize Sales Intel

SDRs are more effective when they have information about the accounts they are targeting. Information about companies or decision-makers can help better equip SDRs with the knowledge they need to generate demand, build interest, and move deals forward through the sales cycle.

Supporting SDRs with sales intel lets them focus on generating more qualified opportunities. This makes it easier for SDRs to stay well-informed on prospects while providing the info they need to reach out and have meaningful conversations with potential customers.

Action Tip: Use technology like SalesEngine.ai to grab important data like contact info, tech stack, and social media accounts so SDRs don’t have to waste valuable time on manual web research.

Tip 7 – Automate Tasks

Automation allows SDRs to be more efficient with their time. Administrative tasks, manual research, and an overwhelming to-do list can leave little time for much else. Automate repetitive tasks so SDRs can focus on more important sales development activities.

Action Tip: Take advantage of sales automation to help enhance your SDRs and decrease the need for non-selling activities.

Tip 8 – The CRM is Key

A CRM helps keep SDRs organized and on top of the day-to-day activities of their sales pipeline. SDRs need to diligently use their CRM. This translates to fewer mistakes, fewer deals slipping through the cracks, and SDRs that manage the pipeline more efficiently.

Action Tip: Hold SDRs accountable for using their CRM and keeping it organized.

Tip 9 – Build A Repeatable/Scalable Sales Development Process

SDRs need to be equipped with a repeatable and scalable process that aligns with your sales cycle. Have a clearly defined process for SDRs to help make operations and onboarding more efficient.

Action Tip: Create a sales development playbook that provides processes and workflows to help both new and veteran SDRs organize their day.

Tip 10 – Keep SDRs Laser-Focused

SDRs should stay focused on their activities and objectives. Losing focus or trying to do too many things can cause inefficiencies in the sales development process. Keep SDRs laser-focused to help build consistency and create better outcomes.

Action Tips: Encourage SDRs to stay focused on no more than 5 objectives at one time.


An efficient SDR team can become the cornerstone of your company’s growth. Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500, these tips should help you improve efficiency and drive continued growth.

How does SDR efficiency improve at your company?

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