Customer Story

XWP helped XWP generate a consistent supply of high-value sales leads and meetings for their sales pipeline.

XWP Team


XWP is a WordPress expert and VIP partner that specializes in helping media brands like News Corp Australia, Resignation Media, and Thomson Reuters solve technical challenges. They needed a way to generate leads and qualified sales meetings with decision-makers and internal champions at large media brands.

They engaged to develop a repeatable, scalable lead generation and sales development process to get more qualified meetings with high-value accounts.

Solution worked with XWP to develop an outbound lead generation and sales evelopment strategy. This helped create amore efficient and scalable sales process. then developed and launched a highly-targeted multi-channel outbound campaign that connected XWP with media and publishing brands worldwide.

Our SDR helped qualify responses, follow up and nurture leads to generate meetings, and keep their CRM organized so the sales team could focus their time on meetings, proposals, and closing deals. We also collaborated with leadership across sales and marketing to help improve XWP’s strategy and approach.


We successfully developed an effective, scalable lead generation and sales development strategy that added hundreds of qualified leads to XWP’s sales pipeline. Our SDR helped nurtured leads that were not ready for sales into qualified sales meetings, freeing up their salespeople’s time to focus on meetings and closing deals.

Through a highly targeted multi-channel lead generation campaign, our lead generation experts, and the work of a virtual SDR, helped create a repeatable and scalable customer acquisition strategy for XWP’s sales team

Summary of Results

100+ Qualified Leads Per Month

70% Average Open Rate and 25%+ Average Reply Rate

Helped Launch Sales and Go To Market Strategy