Customer Story

Tripgrid helped Tripgrid find valuable leads, improve sales strategy and close more deals.

Tripgrid Team


Tripgrid is a SaaS travel planning app that makes it easier for businesses to plan, manage, and collaborate on business travel. They hired to help develop their sales strategy and efforts, including lead generation, sales development, pricing model, and development of sales collateral.

Solution worked with Tripgrid to build a goto market strategy that could meet their sales goals. We first helped develop a pricing model for their app and a sales strategy that would maximize their revenue growth. We then helped refine their sales collateral and the approach used in discovery calls and demos.

Using our prospecting and company enrichment tools, we built a targeted lead list of decision-makers that met their targeting criteria. We configured their sales technology stack and built a multi-step email sequence that we optimised in the first 30 days of the engagement to produce a repeatable and scalable lead generation process.

Results optimized the campaign on an ongoing basis to a highlevel of performance, generating a consistent supply of qualified leads for sales each day. This allowed sales to focus exclusively on lead nurturing, meetings, demoing, and closing deals.

Through ongoing campaign optimization, support from our lead generation experts, and sales enablement consulting, we successfully achieved a 70%+ open rate and a 25%+ reply rate within the first 30 days, which helped Tripgrid build an efficient, scalable sales pipeline to ensure they could grow their sales pipeline and drive customer acquisition.

Summary of Results

100+ Qualified Leads Per Month

70% Average Open Rate and 25%+ Average Reply Rate

Helped Launch Sales and Go To Market Strategy