Customer Story

Payable scaled Payable’s lead generation efforts to provide sales with a steady supply of qualified sales meetings and new deals.

Payable Team


Payable is a Y-Combinator Alumni and SaaS platform that makes onboarding, managing, and paying contractors and freelancers easier. Its sales team needed a consistent supply of leads and help with nurturing deals in the pipeline that were not ready for a meeting or demo. They hired to generate more qualified sales leads, grow sales pipeline, and nurture leads until they are ready to be handed off to sales.

Solution performed research on Payable, their target segments, and their competitors to identify ideal companies and roles to target. Our lead generation experts developed a multi-step email sequence tailored to the roles and companies being targeted and launched it in less than 2 weeks.

We provided a Sales Development Rep (SDR) to help support the campaign on a day-to-day basis. The SDR helped monitor the inbox, follow up, and nurture leads that were not yet ready for a meeting or demo in order to convert leads into qualified sales meetings.


We built a scalable lead generation and nurturing strategy that provided Payable with hundreds of qualified leads and a regular supply of meetings for sales. Our SDR helped convert leads not ready for sales into more qualified sales meetings. This allowed sales to focus their time on meetings, demoing, and closing deals for Payable.

Through highly targeted lead lists, ongoing campaign optimization, and lead nurturing, helped lay the foundation for a cost-effective and scalable strategy to grow Payable’s sales and revenue.

Summary of Results

200+ Opportunities Generated Per Month

Sales Development Rep Managing Follow Up and Lead Nurturing

Identify Valuable Target Segments Through Industry Testing