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Discover how helped BrandChamp win the most valuable deals and automate personalized outreach at scale.

Opportunity is a SaaS marketing platform for brands using Shopify to help teams launch, operate and track ambassador marketing programs. It’s sales team wanted to identify high value accounts to facilitate its transition to an account based marketing and sales strategy. Identify brands using shopify that were a good fit for BrandChamp’s software was time consuming and labor intensive. was brought in to provide BrandChamp’s sales team with the high value accounts to target.

Solution discovered signals that made it possible to find the most valuable accounts on Shopify for BrandChamp’s product. We used a combination of signals that combined the version of Shopify and types of ambassador related marketing terms found on the brands websites. Then, we enriched those company records and found the decision makers that BrandChamp was looking to target. This data was used for an outbound email and social selling campaign that incorporated the signals that were discovered by to help personalize the outreach.

Results was able to find brands with existing ambassador programs that were a perfect fit for BrandChamp’s solution. By incorporating the signals discovered by into BrandChamp’s outbound email campaign, reply rates increased from 8% to 25%. This was done at scale by using QuickMail and setting the signals up as variables to automatically personalize each email. As a result of targeting high value accounts that were a good fit for the product, BrandChamp’s win rate improved by 68% while providing a 2.5X increase in the average deal size. With’s help, BrandChamp was able to exceed quota with some of the most valuable accounts in their niche.

Summary of Results

2.5X Increase in Average Deal Size

Increase Reply Rates from 8% to 25% with Personalization

67% Increase in Win Rates